.: Long-Link(TM) Long Range WiFi       

Get Free Internet Access for your Boat, RV or Truck with No Monthly Fees

Get long distance, long range wireless Internet access (WiFi) from your Boat, RV or Truck by connecting to non-secured wireless WiFi hot spots. Now you can stay connected while at anchor, offshore on a mooring, at docks or on the road free without expensive data contracts.  Our marine WiFi system allows you to connect to WiFi hotspots up to 4 miles away or more.
Wouldn't it be nice to have WiFi available no matter where you go? Make phone calls, check email, watch streaming video and movies from several miles offshore or far from base stations in RV parks.

.: Features

  • No monthly fees for Internet Access.

  • Simple installation.  Using thin Cat5 network cabling it is easy to run over long distances from the base station with zero signal loss.   Mount up to 100 meters (328 feet) away from base.

  • Connect to hotspots or non-secure stations up to 4 miles away or more.

  • Connect to Weak WiFi stations without experiencing disconnects.

  • Powered by 12v from your boat, RV or truck. (optional 110/220v home adapter available).

  • Works with all versions of Windows, Mac or Linux computers. No drivers to install or configure.

  • Use VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone calls anywhere you go.

  • Create a WiFi hotspot on your boat/RV shared by all your WiFi devices like iPods, iPads and portables. Even create a local hotspot without a computer.

  • World class support.










.: Internet Access up to 4 miles away.




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