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What range can I get with my Long-Link(TM) system?

This depends greatly on the hotspot you are connecting to.  Even though our device is very high powered, WiFi is a two way street.  That's why we match it with a high gain antenna as well.   Just as with VHF radio signals, WiFi is mostly line of sight.  We feel the advantage of our system is its ability to be mounted at high locations.  In outdoor environments where line of sight is optimal, great distances of miles can be achieved. 

What is the monthly fee?

No monthly fees!   The Long-Link(TM) system allows you to connect to WiFi hotspots.   Many hotspots are unsecured and free, while some may offer pay as you go.  Many marinas, hotels, restaurants, RV parks, truck stops and coffee shops offer free WiFi connections.  With so many commercial and residential hotspots, it is very common to find many open hotspots. 

Why do I need this, I have a 3G data card from my wireless provider?

 Keep in mind, that when many wireless providers say "unlimited" data, what they really mean is 5 gigabytes of data.  Read this article.  If you are watching a lot of movies and/or TV shows you may max that out.  Some laptop connect plans are even less.  See this.  Read the fine print of your data plan. 

I already get WiFi at my marina.  Why do I need this?

You may have signal but it may be weak or experience drops.   Want full 54 meg speeds?  You may need more power on your side.  Are you on a mooring?  Your signal may be almost nil.

Do I need special drivers?

The Long-Link(TM) system does not require any hardware drivers.  It is a standard network cable connection just like a cable modem or DSL modem.  No USB ports are required.  No drivers to install.   Whew, isn't that a relief?

Why don't you use USB devices?

It is our belief that our system is superior to USB devices.   USB has limitations such as cable run and cable weather resistance.  Long USB cable runs may require special cables.  Also, USB devices require drivers and must be connected to a computer that is powered up in order to share the connection.  Our device easily shares with other WiFi devices without a computer.  With our optional WiFi router you can hardwire a hotspot on your boat/RV/Truck that all your devices such as iPod/iPad can connect without the need of a computer.

Is the Long-Link weather proof?

Yes.  This system is designed for permanent outdoor mounting and is weather proof and rated IP64.  All components are industrial quality outdoor grade.   Our components have a proven history of outdoor use in the Wireless Internet Industry.   These same radios are used to connect over miles in commercial installations.  See them in use here.

Where should I mount the Long-Link(TM) antenna??

WiFi is similar to VHF and will perform best with the fewest obstacles and best line of sight to the connection origin.  Many sailboats will benefit by mounting it higher up on their mast.  Others should mount the antenna as high as possible for optimal performance.   It is also possible to hoist the device up on a halyard for temporary use.   Because the transmitter is mounted at the antenna, there is no signal loss over great distances over our thin outdoor Cat5 cabling.   

How do I install the Long-Link system?

Simply mount the antenna/transmitter at the highest location possible.  Plug the (included) Cat5 cable into the antenna/transmitter and run it into the power adapter.  Plug the 12v cord into a 12v outlet (or hard wire for a more permanent installation) and into the power adapter.  Plug the Cat5 cable from the antenna  into your PC.   Logon and select a WiFi hotspot.

Will I have signal loss with long cable runs?

No.  The transmitter is mounted at the antenna and offers zero loss.  That is why we achieve maximum transmit power with zero loss at the antenna.  This is important as WiFi loses signal power very quickly over coax cable runs. 

How far away can I install the antenna?

The antenna can be easily mounted up to 100 feet or more from the base 12v adapter.   This allows great flexibility in mounting options.  No extensions or boosters are needed.  Top of the mast or roof top, this can be installed at great distances with zero signal loss.

How much power does it draw?

Maximum power consumption is only 8 watts. 

How do I connect other WiFi devices?

Using our optional 12v router, you can create a local hotspot where you can connect all your WiFi devices such as iPods, phones, or computers.  You don't even need a computer to use the Long-Link(TM) system.  Plug in a VOIP phone or use Skype or Google services to make phone calls.

Can I use the Long-Link(TM) system on an RV or Truck?

Absolutely.  Although first developed for marine applications, the Long-Link(TM) system is an excellent solution for RVs and Trucks.  

Can I use the Long-Link system at home?

Yes.  Using the optional 110/220v adapter, you can install the Long-Link system anywhere you wish to connect to WiFi over long distances.  These are commercial grade components that can be roof mounted as well.

How tall is the antenna?

Our antenna is only 16" tall and can be mounted on top of a mast or on a rail.   It is very sturdy and can withstand high winds and is intended for outdoor use.

Is this a directional antenna like a Cantenna?

No, this is an omni-directional antenna with a 360 beam.  Therefore there is no aiming of the antenna to locate a hot spot.  It will not lose signal while swinging at anchor.

Can I install it myself?

Yes.  Our system is designed to be self installed.  We provide step by step installation instructions.  You will need to provide 12v power (we provide a 12v power plug) and configure it to connect to the hotspot you want.  No drivers to install.  Works with any PC (Windows XP-Windows7), MacOS or Linux.










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