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Our Services

Making IT simple and easy without breaking the bank


Network, LAN/WAN/VPN Firewalls, Servers, Cloud Services and more.


Complete Network security, Firewall and penetration analysis, PCI Compliance.

Secure Hotspot

Secure and safe WiFi Hotpots for your hotel, restaurant or businesses. Allow your customers Internet access while safely isolating your network from the public and hackers. Don’t allow guests on your business network. Kits starting at $619.


Corporate IT training. Custom training for your staff one one one or in group settings.


IT Consulting, Data Architecture, Hardware & Software needs analysis. Implementation. Email solutions, PCI compliance certification

Experience you can trust

With over 35 years in IT, we have seen it all. Computer systems should be a burden. They should make our lives easier. Who has time to figure all this out and run your business? That’s where we come in. We can analyze your business and find the best solutions for your budget. You don’t need the biggest monster computer that the geek would buy. You need something to get your work done and make your job easier. That doesn’t include more complex system that require on staff IT to attend to. You just want it to work. Our philosophy is to solve problems without looking down on customers. You are good at what you do. We are good at what we do. We will give honest solutions that are secure and make your job easier.

What Our Clients Say

Bridger is the absolute best. They put 100% into everything they do and have always solved my problems quickly and promptly.

Kristi B.

Always fast, always done right. My systems run faster and smoother thanks to the folks at Bridger Computer. Always helpful.

Richard B.

I can always count on Bridger to solve my problems. Custom work is never a problem and their pricing is fantastic.

David M.